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Cognea Research is a closely integrated group of technical experts, technology analysts and consultants to provide you IP litigation and IP prosecution solutions and strategize on technological manoeuvres with relevant information and insights through intense Patent Landscaping processes.

  • Our prior aim is to secure and protect technological breakthroughs accomplished by deserving intellectuals and foster innovation and industrial competitiveness. What drives us is our dedication to encourage innovation and creative thinking by providing strong litigation support to technology developers.

  • We also help our clients to capitalize on intellectual capital by identifying an attractive patent portfolio, evaluating and analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, identifying market competitors and making effective investment choices.

  • We understand the strengths and weaknesses of our clients belonging to a wide range of varied backgrounds from singular inventors to mega technological corporations and focus on creative solutions tailor-made to their needs.

  • We have a strong adherence to our value systems, the foremost objective of which is to consider the sensitivity and confidentiality of information as sacrosanct, while achieving results by coordinating with various teams.

    • Vision statement

      Our mission is to serve as a speed dial to provide the first and best consulting solutions to every innovative entity in need.

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