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With world changing around and about every second, staying in business becomes a dynamic exercise undertaken by corporations on a daily basis. Business leaders while formulating product marketing strategies derive insights from market research, monitor their competitors and identify opportunities for legitimate and safe business expansion. Whether or not it is a requisite to gain advantage over a competitor, it is always strategic to avoid the risk of costly infringement related litigation and conduct timely landscaping studies.

Our team at Cognea Research helps you answer your foremost queries.

  • What are the current and trending IP in a specific geographical segment?
  • What IP is being discarded?
  • Who are my competitors and what are they doing?
  • What is the strength of my IP portfolio against others in the market?
  • What threats should be avoided while developing a new product?
  • How to best leverage IP value as I enter a new market segment?
  • What new products shall be developed and in what ways can I improve on existing products?

Our team at Cognea Research understands the need of the moment of our Client and delivers on-spot with results. Our fact-finding team conducts comprehensive and all-inclusive assessment of the technological landscape indexed to time and helps you key out opportunities for IP monetization and business expansion. We aide to

  • Highlight key R&ID trends changing over time categorized into geographical segments while conducting an exhaustive analysis
  • Identify patents of high commercial value by reviewing the extent to which it is registered at different jurisdictions across the world
  • Underline current and relevant strategies in business and technology front
  • Identify emerging competitors
  • Key out IP density indicative of local and global geography and identify clusters and white spaces
  • Monitor past and ongoing litigation to evade possible patent infringement
  • Survey risks and threats posed by products/companies in similar business segment

It is a clichéd fact that it is reasonable business sense to know what your competitor is doing to stay on board in industry. On IP grounds, it is all the more imperative to not only gain technical advantage but to avoid IP infringement and hence costly suits. Cognea delivers in this context, by studying the market and extrapolating marketing and technology strategies to gather absolute insights into the businesses of competitors.

  • Identify competitors and segment them into categories based on size, turnover, etc.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of a target company in terms of IP assets
  • History of alliances and collaborations of a target company in developing technology
  • Technologies being pursued and geographical markets being targeted by dominant players in the market
  • New and emerging trends can be established by reviewing pending patent applications whereas abandoned or expired patents give an idea of abandoned technologies
  • Identify targets with technology aligned to, or complementing your own, for potential M&A

Our analysis reports are compiled from a host of sources ranging from reliable Patent databases, technology journals, research paperworks and Product specification documents available in public domain. We maintain sanctity in finishing every project with a high level of accuracy and confidentiality.

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