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Business houses have various core segments of functioning. While some corporations invest aggressively in R&D, for some, manufacturing or logistics, distribution and supply are primary business activities. The thread that connects them and helps them stay afloat in business is intellectual property, making cross-facilitation (or exchange) of IP, an indispensable strategy. With the world being increasingly competitive, the IP scenario is changing as you read. The assimilation and analysis of data from the point of view of technological and commercial prospects to channelize trade of IP, is a complicated process and needs prior expertise in the area.

Cognea Research delivers by processing superfluous information to generate substantive inferences for businesses to make key strategic decisions.


In-licensing can be a successful business strategy for companies choosing not to invest in Research & Development and paying relatively reasonable sum for using the technology of interest by licensing it from innovators. In such cases, companies striking out in-licensing deals must have a fairly instinctive knowledge of the market to predict what technology is potentially remunerative to minimize the risks on ROI. Or, investing in a patent which is already acceptable in the market is a safe decision.

We help our clients identify and target technology that qualifies for product portfolio expansion. Our experts produce detailed analysis of the strength of a target patent by reviewing its validity, number of forward citations, geographical spread, litigation history, age profile etc. Our experts can give reliable opinions based on extrapolations derived from the market to invest in potential novel technology domains.

Out-licensing could be a major contributor to generating high fraction of revenues for technological corporations investing heavily in R&D. However, not many companies monetize their IP assets due to conservative thinking of the management. Cognea Research builds confidence in ensuring that your IP assets are utilized in the most secure alliances with companies with the least legal hurdles.

  • Identification and prioritization of technologies in a portfolio by evaluating their strength in terms of prospective commercial capital
  • Assertion licensing by identifying companies infringing on your patents and striking out out-of-the-court settlement
  • Best value proposition by segmenting potential licensing candidates by their financial heath and business history
  • Analysis of other industry related data for additional insights

We build counter-assertion strategies by cross-licensing deals with the aggressor to avoid unnecessary litigation expenditures.

Patents not aligned to a company’s product portfolio can be capitalized by selling or auctioning to interested buyers for a lump sum. Cognea Research with its insights of the market will help you secure the best deal out of potential buyers.

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