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Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions are often a mode of strategic technological manoeuvre by corporations driven by innovation. Our belief is to understand the needs of our Client and to deliver better than their expectations. With our expertise in the field, we are aware of the latest trends and historical data in a certain domain and can help you find the best suitable IP portfolio aligned to your present business goals. Our holistic landscaping services encompassing commercial, industrial and competitive details of technological activities provide a precise & sophisticated analysis of the present market.

Questions often asked by our clients are

  • What are the potential targets that can be acquired or merged and how can I choose the best investment option?
  • What companies have their IP portfolio aligned to our business model or target the same geographical coverage as ours?
  • What are the best performing assets with maximum revenues and junk assets with zero or negative revenues in the IP of a potential company?
  • Is it more lucrative to invest in in-house R&D activities or to acquire intellectual assets of another company?

Cognea Research answers these questions at ground level and conducts exhaustive research and analysis generating insights into the entire patent landscape.

We make accurate inventories of the patents owned by targets, process their complex information and map them to identify the strengths of IP portfolios on a relative scale.

Our resources conduct extensive SWOT analysis to appraise competitive landscapes of prospective candidates. Our results assort candidates by revenues and strength of IP portfolio with visual aids to help you infer business insights and zero in on a candidate for M&A. Companies interested in patent acquisitions for product development can weigh Build versus Buy options before investing in patent acquisition.

We identify the risks associated viz. ongoing infringement litigation, patent validity issues, NPE activities, scope of expansion of further intellectual activity, and help you make equilibrized decisions.

With an eye to detect and identify untapped areas of intellectual opportunities we help our clients to take worthy decisions leveraging their position in the market. Our access to databases and supporting infrastructure help us to be prompt with our search studies without compromising in the quality or depth of analysis.

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