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For any corporation based out of innovation, protection of ideas becomes the most essential strategy and course of action, so as to incur minimum expenditure while reaping maximum benefits. Business managers have to sift through abundant information on patent prior arts, evolving market scenario in technology landscape, emerging trends, white spaces, risks, etc. while formulating their strategic decisions on an everyday basis. We provide our services in carrying out for you, the aforementioned tasks which require significant attention to detail and advise as well as suggest on your market strategies and business forecasts to leave with you with the higher tasks of making effective business decisions. We provide our services for:

A technology can be protected only when it is patentable. Cognea Research executes diligent prior arts searches reviewing patent and non-patent literature from online patent databases, trade paper journals etc. to validate the novelty of an invention. We also determine the value potential of an invention prior to its patentability, reading the market scenario to apprise you of the ROI expected in patenting and maintaining the patent.


Cognea Research facilitates open innovation by reviewing technology landscapes to determine potential candidates for licensing, partnership or acquisition deals. Our experts conduct detailed studies and prepare a comprehensible report with target companies classified and listed while evaluating various parameters, suggesting trade licensing terms and conditions, enabling you to take key decisions at the technology and business fronts. Our opinions deliver the most promised combination of internal and external factors subjected to the resources of your company to enable you to make the best possible choices.

While making analysis of technology landscape, we also discover patent opportunities providing a new channel of technology development and analyze threats involved in an IP domain. Our white spaces analysis identifies market areas with no patent coverage but a strong need for the same.

Major technological corporations before launching new products or setting about into novel areas of research and development conduct freedom-to-operate searches to recognize likely risks of infringing on an already existing patent and subsequently avoid expensive litigation. Our team of professionals carries out an accurate and comprehensive FTO analysis while highlighting regions of white spaces having potential of appealing to the market.

  • Analyse IP litigation data to identify technological movements and potential areas of threats to current ongoing technological processes (operations)
  • Take pre-emptive measures such as diligent movement towards a certain domain while developing a new product
  • Rigorous analysis while compiling information checking IP rights, issue jurisdictions, expiry dates, validity of patents granted, etc.
  • Formulate strategic planning for blocking patents by in-licensing, cross-licensing, purchase of patents etc.
  • Identify patents with scope of inventing around the idea without risks of infringement.

We provide effective strategic solutions in coordination with your business guidelines to ensure adequate IP protection with optimal use of finances and resources.

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