Strategic Portfolio Management

The core segment of a technologically innovative company is its intellectual assets. Efficient and maximum utilization of these assets augment revenue streams and avoid unnecessary expenditure on junk valued patents. A well documented and rightfully managed patent portfolio helps large corporations determine immediate and long-term opportunities and makes them better equipped at taking key decisions focussed on business goals and strategies. Not only this, but intellectual property forms a valuable support system for technologically motivated companies and ensuring adequate protection of it forms an imperative strategy.

Our resources at Cognea Research provide effective review and analysis of your Patent Portfolio helping you realize full value of your patents, identify emerging white spaces, trim unproductive assets and as a result, generate striking returns on investments. We provide our counsel to some of the following (and more) questions by the Client:

  • What is the average patent age profile of individual technological domains?
  • Are my patents registered at all the jurisdictions of relevance?
  • To what extent is my patent portfolio valid from the business perspective
  • Which non-core patents are of value that can be monetized via sale or licensing?
  • Which patents require renewal and which ones require annulment?

Our experts carry out tasks in the following three-tiered framework:


    Large technological corporations hold a broad range of patent portfolio arising from mergers and acquisitions. In such a case, the patent portfolio is often poorly documented or unrealized of its value. Often, the unproductive or undesirable patents cast a shadow on the highly productive ones thus, hindering effective utilization of the portfolio.
    For maximum optimization of IP, it is crucial to assess and audit the entire range of patents held by a company across business segments and different jurisdictions.
    Once the full extent of patent data is realized, it is then determined across which jurisdictions, it should be registered and then the same is ensured. At this stage, our resources help you optimize your expenditure by registering your patents in not just a pre-defined limited set of countries but across countries spread wide geographically to draw maximum long-term revenues.


    Taxonomical segmentation & visualization
    Patent taxonomies are created encompassing the full extent of technological scenario and patents are mapped accordingly, creating visual display of patent classification across technological domains. This segmentation exercise finds use in understanding the reach of intangible intellectual property in terms of tangible products and technologies.
    Strength Appraisal of Patent Portfolio
    Strength appraisal of patent portfolio is conducted to realize the value of patents irrespective of its number or alignment to your business plans. Patent strengths and weaknesses are assessed by statistical analysis of various patent parameters viz. citation strength, patent age, legal status, geographical presence, litigation history, family strength etc.

    Patent valuation is more based on instinctive thoughts than scientific studies. Our technology experts validate the analysis results of our statistical techniques henceforth, providing a more accurate and reliable opinion of the relative strength of a patent portfolio.
    Alignment to company’s business growth model
    Cognea Research prioritizes in understanding your business model to determine the extent of overlap between patent development and business development. Patents of value are classified into core and non-core patents and the rest are assorted as junk patents. Core patents are retained and developed whereas non-core patents, which are patent of value but not productive to the organization are monetized by sale or licensing opportunities. Junk patents are recommended to be abandoned.
    White space Analysis
    Cognea Research with its strong presence in the intellectual property domain is an expert in identifying emerging opportunities or gaps to detect overlooked areas in your patent coverage and leverage your portfolio in the global market.


    Renewal & Annulment
    Core patents generating revenues for the corporation and rendering it a technological leverage should be renewed upon expiration until the value of the patent prevails in the market. Some of the oldest patents generate maximum revenues for a company, hence, shall be maintained as long as the returns generated are greater than investments incurred. Cognea Research perceives that your IP Asset Manager is accountable to the higher management for costs incurred due to renewal and maintenance of patents. We can help you ascertain value realization of patents and consequently make balanced decisions.

    As a complementary process, undervalued patents should be discarded to avoid wastage of financial resources.
    Licensing & Sale
    Patents of commercial value are identified and processed for direct selling or auctioning to other corporations. Product to patent mapping can help identify the patents not being utilized and can be capitalized by licensing to other companies or sale.

    Our procedures have been constantly revised with market standards and regularly validated with long-term profitability of previous Clients. Our statisticians and in-house technology experts form an integrated body facilitating easy, precise and time-bound execution of most projects. We deliver in providing optimized and pragmatic solutions with a comprehensive research and study of your entire business profile encompassing technology, finance and litigation.

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